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Seraphic Wisdom Course Descriptions:

Become a Seraphic Practitioner
The Seraph's Love and Faith Course

There are 22 attunements in this class and the energy from this Seraph is very loving and compassionate. Use the energy attunements of Love and Faith given to us by the Seraphim Angels to assist with healing and helping humanity and the earth. Upon completion of this course, you are known as a Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom and receive a completion certificate to display.


Here is an excerpt from the introduction to the course as it was channeled from the Seraph ADALIAN, who is the Guardian of North America:

 "The American history is like a mirror for the power of new beginnings and the strong intention for new perfect solutions."

During the workshop the SERAPH will lift up LOVE and FAITH for the participants to a higher level. With the initiations given by the SERAPH we will also have a jump start for activating serious new beginnings for a sustained lifestyle in harmony with Mother Earth.


The SERAPH is clearing karmic issues. He said, "a strong problem for most of the Americans is the rootlessness" and so he is helping us by healing the old roots and creating new ones. That is important for all matters of economy and science, and it is basic for all human relationships.


Topics discussed and some of the attunements that you will receive in the Seraph's Love and Faith course include:

* Channels directly to the Seraph

* Wisdom of the Land & Clearing of the Native American trauma

* Energy flow between North & South America

* Seraphic Potential 

* Connection to the I AM Presence

* Healing energies Practitioners can use for themselves, as well as others in sessions with clients and family members. 

* Learn how to activate Angelic energy with confidence and & ease, a universal energy that is available to all who desire to use it. 

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Become a New Earth Guardian
Birth of the New Avalon; Canada
the Land of Dreams is Awakening

Become a Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom and a New Earth Guardian upon completion of this Seraphic Wisdom course.

The information in this course was given to us by the Angel in 2014 and there are now Avalon New Earth Guardians in many areas of the US and Canada.  In 2012 we were given healing energies for ourselves and to heal The United States of America. The rapid and profound anchoring of these energies has led to the next level of tools for personal development and assisting the country of Canada who is described as the Land of Dreams. This group process will then permit a more significant shift in consciousness for the planet. 

Regardless of where you live, by participating in the anchoring of these energies in both courses, you make a contribution to the progressive spiritual expansion of the continent of North America and the world.

The energies of the New Avalon are ready to come into the world. The middle age Avalon was the kingdom of shamans and nature priestesses and so the New Avalon is the space for creating a new harmony between mankind and nature. 

Now is the time when the earth has been perfectly harmonized with the development of human consciousness; making way for the New Earth Guardians to take their own responsibility to enter the wonderful place called the New Avalon.  

Those with a past link to Atlantian/Lemurian times will feel a quickening of recognition that will awaken the wisdom and power of their energetic personal double dorje.

Now is the time to awaken these gifts you possess. The permanent energy attunements from Seraph ADALIAN received in this course are too numerous to list, but to name just a few:

* You will have connections with Earth Healing Attunements of Canada's sacred springs, sacred groves, crystalline treasures;

* The crystalline cities of silver and gold;

* Consciousness of dolphins, keepers of the crystal sounds;

* You will reconnect with your power place in the universe and facilitate opening of your cosmic potential. 

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