Angel Healing Wand - Selenite, Bronzite, Fluorite, Lapis, Kyanite

Angel Healing Wand - Selenite, Bronzite, Fluorite, Lapis, Kyanite


This beautiful hand-crafted selenite wand was created for the use of directing Angel energy for healing, clearing and protecting. The addition of the crystals provides a combination of healing energy enhancement unique to each wand. The copper wire assists in amplifying the infused Angel energy. The leather grip adds great comfort to the wand and provides handling stability. 


A letter of instructions and suggested uses is included. When used as suggested, this wand will aid in clearing negative energies and imbalances so that your self-healing ability, including viral resistance, is enhanced. 


Your Wand includes:

Selenite (the wand): Is used to amplify energy, purification, clarity, dispelling negativity, calmness, balance 


Bronzite (brown with gold flecks) used to increase self-esteem, promote decision making, dispel negativity, enhance creativity and help alleviate nervous energy in new situations 


Carnelian (red bead): is used for creativity, happiness, vitality, healing, willpower, growth, energy flow 


Dumortierite (round blue beads) is calming, brings patience, aids memory and mental discipline. Aids mental abilities in dealing with difficult situations and people. Stimulates psychic or prophetic vision. Helps one to see the true cause of dis-ease allowing better choice of treatment.


Fluorite (purple square crystal): is used for higher levels of consciousness, self-awareness, mental clarity , spiritual awakening, psychic awareness, wisdom, protection and strength 


Kyanite (flat blue bead) never needs cleaning or clearing. Unlimited in application, one of the very best attunement stones. It aligns all chakras automatically and immediately, can align the esoteric bodies.

Blue Kyanite- opens the throat chakra, cuts through fears and blockages. Black Kyanite- clears aura, grounds.


Lemurian Quartz (clear crystal): Is used for self-love, infused with seraphim (high angel) energy 


Rose Quartz is used for love, self-love, compassion, connection, joy, unity, beauty, femininity, peace, comfort, attraction, sexuality and intimacy 


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