Angel Healing Wand-Lemurian, Lapis, & Amethyst

Angel Healing Wand-Lemurian, Lapis, & Amethyst


This beautiful hand-crafted selenite wand was created for the use of directing Angel energy for healing, clearing and protecting. The addition of the crystals provides a combination of healing energy enhancements unique to each wand. The silver-finished copper wire assists in amplifying the infused Angel energy. The leather grip adds great comfort to the wand and provides handling stability.


A letter of instructions and suggested uses is included. When used as suggested, this wand will aid in clearing negative energies and imbalances so that your self-healing ability, including viral resistance, is enhanced.


Your Wand includes:

Selenite (the wand): Is used to amplify energy, purification, clarity, dispelling negativity, calmness, balance

Amethyst (purple & white): is known as the “Stone of the Mind.” It is used for psychic powers, intuition, astral projections, thought forms, memory, relieves headaches, used for any kind of dreamwork, cleansing, healing and channeling

Carnelian (red bead): is used for creativity, happiness, vitality, healing, willpower, growth, energy flow

Lapis Lazuli (blue & white with gold flecks): contains pyrite which gives it its golden colored flecks. It is used for writing, intuition, summoning spirit guides, meditation, charisma, speech, communication, psychic awareness, protection, spiritual connection and psychic abilities

Lemurian Quartz (clear crystal): Is used for self-love, infused with seraphim (high angel) energy

Seraphinite (green & white crystal): Is used for removing blocked energies in the meridians of the body, physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, chakra healing, meditation, and attunement with the angelic realm and nature spirits

Turquoise (blue beads): is used for protection, ease of mind, increases energy spiritually and mentally, banishing negative energies, purification, prevents panic attacks, helps to clear depression, stress and exhaustion and helps connect with higher self.  


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