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I am an Angel Communicator, Healer and Author. I have always been able to see Angels, and through study and learning what my gifts mean, I have given my service to The Divine Creator. My path and mission is to facilitate the healing of people, Mother Earth (Gaia) and all the inhabitants of our planet. I engage YOUR Angels to bring you their messages, and then share Angel energy with you to help heal your body, mind and spirit. As a Teacher and Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Laughter Yoga Leader, and Author, I will help you find your light and shine your health!

Shalom and Namaste'

*Seraphic Wisdom Teacher Attunement - 2017

*Seraphic Wisdom Practitioner Attunement - 2015

*Certified Institute of Integrative Nutrition Graduate -2016

*Level 1 Patient Navigator - 2016

*Laughter Yoga Leader Certification - 2015

*Master Shamanic Reiki Certification - 2017 

*American Marriage Ministries Certification - 2018

*Master Dragon Reiki Certification -2019


Laughing Your Life Healthy 

Laughing At Your Food (coming soon!) 

Harlem Angel, Book 1 of The Circle,

The Conductor, Book 2 of The Circle (coming soon!) 

Allowing the Magic, Allowing the Miracles,

A Blueprint for Ascension (coming soon!)             

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I can help you find your light. 

Your light, your life, your health, better! 

Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom

Your Angels are with you, always. We forget that we can ask for help. The Creator, by whatever name you call, is there to answer. I can help you connect, receive guidance, and begin your healing journey. 

Health Coaching

Everything is food. What you eat, how you move, what you say-to others and yourself. Through proven guidance and my coaching program, I can help you reach your desired health and fitness goals. Curious about how? Email me for answers!

Laughter Yoga

Ha, ha, ha, ha! Laughter is one of the keys to being a happier, healthier you! Learn to laugh at life, at yourself and when you don't feel like it. Laughter is medicine! Ask me how, and I'll show you it is possible to Laugh Your Life Healthy!